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Panasonic Touchscreen Remote Camera Controller

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Panasonic Touchscreen Remote Camera Controller


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Panasonic AW-RP150GJ Overview

Panasonic's Touchscreen Remote Camera Controller allows you to control up to 200 compatible Panasonic PTZ cameras over IP via a switching hub. Or you can control five cameras via direct RS-422 connection. Please see the list of supported cameras in the Features section below. The controller features a zoom/focus rocker on the joystick for pan and tilt operations, many onboard buttons, and additional controls within the 7" touchscreen LCD. It also has an SD card slot, which allows saving scene files, system settings files, and other camera settings as well as copying settings over to other cameras. The controller can be powered over Power-over-Ethernet or a 12V, 4-pin XLR power supply, sold separately.

Single-Operator Camera Control

A zoom/focus rocker mounted on the joystick manages pan and tilt operations for zoom and focus control and intuitive single-handed operation. The built-in 7" touch display allows for easy and quick operation of all essential camera functions.

Multiple-Camera Connection

IP connection via a switching hub can be used to control up to 200 remote cameras. Up to 5 remote cameras can be controlled in a serial connection.

Supported Cameras

  • AW-UE150W/K
  • AW-HR140
  • AW-HE130W/K
  • AW-HN130W/K
  • AW-UE70W/K
  • AW-UN70W/K
  • AW-HE40 Series
  • AW-HN40HW/HK
  • AW-HE38HW/HK
  • AW-HN38HW/HK

Touch Panel GUI

The touch panel GUI monitor supports camera image display during shooting as well as a variety of operations. The panel is equipped only with buttons that are frequently used, with menu and camera switching operations, indicators, and other functions consolidated in the touch panel GUI.

Touch Focus

The focus is quickly aligned to the area touched by tapping the screen. In addition, the "Focus in Red" display assists with aligning focus by framing the part that is in focus in red.

Settings Copied to Multiple Cameras

Scene files, system settings files, and other camera settings can be saved to an SD card. These settings can then be copied to multiple cameras via the SD card. This massively reduces on-location setup time when shooting at events with large numbers of cameras.

Smooth Cropped Images

When the controller is used with the AW-UE150W/K camera, the cropping function of the camera can be controlled remotely. Images output from the camera to the monitor can be cropped in three different locations displayed with colored frames (yellow/green/magenta), and fine-tuned with the joystick as you watch. Required images can be cropped precisely and simply.

Preset Memory for Simple Camera Control

Registration of the camera angle and other remote camera settings allows the settings to be easily recalled from the touch panel GUI monitor. Supported presets include pan and tilt position, focus position, white balance settings, crop position coordinates, zoom position, lens aperture (manual iris only), and gain.

Tracing Memory

The tracing memory function records a series of operations performed for the remote camera. Up to 5 minutes for 10 operations can be memorized for a single camera and that trajectory can then be reproduced. Supported presets include pan and tilt position, focus position, white balance settings, zoom position, lens aperture (manual iris only), and gain.

Tally/GPIO 1/GPIO 2

Input/output switched via menu settings.
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